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THI Fibreglass Traffic Signs & Sign Posts
THI Safe-T-Post sign posts

THI Sign-Mark-Sign® System - see What our Customers Say.

THI Fibreglass Traffic Sign Posts & other Pultruded products
THI Fibreglass Traffic Sign being installed
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The THI Sign-Mark-Sign® System is a FULL Fibreglass Traffic Sign system including Graffiti Resistant & Armoured signs..

This patent pending all Fibreglass traffic sign system will change the "sign-scape" across North America.

An effective alternative to standard aluminum signs on steel posts these signs and posts -
Are Less Expensive
Are Lighter, the panels by approximately 10% and the posts by 75% or more.
Are More Durable, the panels revert to their normal shape under stress and do not bend. The post is over 20% stronger than an equivalent by weight steel post.
Are Corrosion & UV Averse, fibreglass does not corrode or rust and is not affected by salt or water.
Panels are made using a new technology that reduces product costs and Guarantees 100% Quality unit after unit.
Have a Lower Maintenance Cost.
Are Not an Attractive Target for Thieves.
Are Compatible - Fit the existing steel post infrastructure and therefore require no expensive retrofitting
Approved by the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation, these traffic signs and posts have proved themselves after initially being deployed on the province's road system in 2007.
Nova Scotia is a challenging environment being almost totally surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, with moderate to high rainfall (with a high salt content). Temperatures can range from a low of -22C in Cape Breton to 30C further south and west.

The decals used on the
THI Sign-Mark-Sign® System are made with 3M film the industry leader in film of this type.
Stop Sign being installed
Pultruded Fibreglass Safe-T-Post™ Sign Post
Reverse of Stop sign mounted on existing steel post infrastructure
Construction Sign blank
Sign blanks awaiting decals