Terry Hawkins Industries, Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada.     (902) 875-4333         THI@TerryHawkinsIndustries.com
THI operates out of a manufacturing facility in the Shelburne Industrial Park on the Sandy Point Road in Shelburne, Nova Scotia.

This facility covers 10,000 square feet of which approximately 65% is currently in use allowing for future expansion.

About Terry Hawkins Industries

The company was incorporated in 2005 and at that time the existing Reel Tx stone and stucco moulds and other equipment was transferred to the new company from Terry Hawkins' personal proprietership.

Product Line.
In 2005 THI developed its line of Victorian replica bath tubs and had success attracting resellers and distributors in eastern Canada and also in the USA with a distribution deal with a major US company.
Since 2006 THI has developed Pultrusion capability and currently applies pultrusion manufacturing to a number of products. THI began producing its first products in November of that year. An agreement to manufacture fibreglass pultruded handles for lines of garden tools resulted in promising business for 2006 - 2007.
THI has access to a number of pultrusion systems and can tailor the manufacturing capability to the product. The THI Sign-Mark Safe-T-Post™ Sign posts are pultruded products and can be manufactured in any length or colour with the cross section profile to fit the existing sign infrastructure.

The Reel Tx FRP Stone and Stucco look building panels are also still available.
Also throughout this time custom molding work has continued with a variety of products for the automobile after market, opaque roofing panels, ornamental objects, patio bar and counters and more.

Current & Future.
THI is now totally focused on the
THI Sign-Mark-Sign® System. This product has been on the roads throughout Nova Scotia for a few years and its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, UV degradation as well as crash damage has proved its durability. Many other benefits such as less weight, no value to thieves and corrosion averse make THI Fibreglass Sign Mark Signs and Safe-T-Post Sign posts very attractive. Marketing efforts are now concentrated on other provinces and states across North America and interest has also been shown in other world markets including Europe and Africa.

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THI Fibreglass Traffic Signs & Sign Posts
THI Safe-T-Post sign posts