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THI Fibreglass Safe-T-Post™ Sign Posts

THI uses a technology called Pultrusion for producing its Safe-T-Post sign posts.

THI's Sign Posts :
Material Characteristic THI Pultrusions Extruded Aluminum Vinyl Wood Steel
Strength to Weight High High Low Low High
Thermal Conductivity Low High Low Low High
Expansion & Contraction Low High High Low* Medium
Corrosion and/or Chemical Resistance High Medium Medium Medium** Low
Electrical Conductivity Low High Low Low High
      * Wood expands due to moisture absorption.
** Wood is susceptible to insect damage and mould.
THI Fibreglass Traffic Signs & Sign Posts
THI Safe-T-Post sign posts
Fit the Current "telspar" Post Infrastructure - 2" x 2"
Are Significantly Stronger than steel "telspar" posts
Are much lighter allowing more to be carried on a work truck with cost savings
Are not attractive to thieves
Are available in Custom Profiles and Colours
Are Less Expensive
Comparison of THI Pultruded FRP Sign Posts and other materials.
Safe-T-Post (yellow) in existing infrastructure "boot". Steel Telspar behind

Download the Sign-Mark-Sign® Safe-T-Post Brochure